About Elyon

Elyon Cannabis provides affordable, high-quality organic sun-grown cannabis, now in two separate states—from California’s famed Golden Triangle, and from a state-of-the-art permanent greenhouse structure in south New jersey—to consumers across both markets.

Our California farms are nestled amongst the vast vineyards of the NorCal wine growing region, where we grow our cannabis in "hoop house" greenhouses, complimented by careful, constant attention by our cultivators and of course the warm, sheltered and ideal inland growing conditions and wonderful California sunshine. Meanwhile, the New Jersey cultivation enterprise redefines what greenhouse can mean, with quality indistinguishable from the finest "true indoor" grows. With a lofting, state-of-the-art, permanent glass-and-steel vaulted structure featuring full control of sun and temperature, all seamlessly fused to an on-site brick-and-mortar processing facility where cure, trim, and distribution can be handled with care equal to that of cultivation.

Hand- grown in enriched soil, Elyon’s cannabis is fed with organic OMRI Certified nutrients, and cultivated with eco-friendly growing techniques that keep natural resource conservation top of mind. Elyon Cannabis’ plants are harvested at the peak of freshness before being slowly cured. Led by a team of seasoned, old-school cultivators and emerged into the market early in the medical-legal days of California—providing affordable eights and 1-gram pre-rolled joints. Elyon Cannabis has now expanded not only into new territories, but also into offering high-quality concentrates, multiple infused products...and more to come in the near future!

Our distribution team and state-of-the-art distro facilities, located in-house at our processing centers in Sonoma County and South jersey, works with our own regional outside sales teams, distributors and dispensaries to ensure our products get onto the shelves of storefronts around the state at their freshest.

At Elyon Cannabis, optimal, pristine growing conditions, decades of cultivation experience, a tight-knit team, and a customer-experience-first ethos helps us grow the most flavorful and potent cannabis available on the legal market.