Bloom & Oil - Women’s History Month — Cannabis & Women

"Women’s History Month 2021 has me reflecting on my own her-story with cannabis and how it has improved my life exponentially. My last 12 months and weed’s (prominent) place in it has helped drive this fact home. I feel immense relief knowing I have a safe, natural, enjoyable helper through the weirdest chapter in my life thus far.It was months into the pandemic lockdown and I, racked with anxiety, was stress-cleaning, my frustration increasing as the messes of three quarantined people and a mini-Zoo of animals seemed to be whackamoling; new piles-of-whatever popping up the second I cleaned one up. I must’ve been muttering to myself, a pained look etched on my face as I loaded the dishwasher for the 17th time in 24 hours because my intuitive, empathetic child glided up next to me and placed her little hand on my arm. “Mama, do you need a…mom break?” she asked quizzically, cocking her head and gazing at me with the non-judgmental understanding only children possess. She knows me so well. “I think I do – I’ll be back”.It Is Okay To Take Time For YouI stepped outside, swung in our hammock, smoked a joint of herb grown by a friend, and 15 minutes later I was playing Jenga with my kiddo, my perspective (and tension-filled body) shifted to the present. This is just one-way cannabis shows up in my life and the lives of many, many other women who have spent years (or decades in my case) hiding this essential part of our wellbeing. Quite simply: herb helps me show up as my best self, the calm, present self who – while certainly staying abreast of current events – can compartmentalize better and not allow intrusive anxious thoughts to dominate my mind. I’ve lived with Generalized Anxiety Disorder all my life and a mixture of both traditional approaches (including talk therapy, Zoloft, meditation, and exercise) and utilizing cannabis for my overall mental health, has brought me to a wonderful place. ..."Read the full article by Christina Cassidy-Forbrich at Bloom & Oil.