Bloom & Oil’s Guide to Starting a Drug Reading Library

"There’s no better addiction than one to the written word!To suggest that reading is an addictive habit runs the risk of getting messy and fast.When we talk about addiction, our focus is overwhelmingly on substances, be they legal (nicotine, alcohol, tobacco), illicit (heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines) or somewhere in the middle, like cannabis. In all cases, however, the term has come to stand for something that is often, by default, perceived as a negative trait.But not when it comes to books!Beyond the pleasure of learning and the rapture that comes with ingesting poetic wordplay, reading provides us with an excellent opportunity to better comprehend both the past and the present. Narrowing our focus to drugs, there are a number of classic tomes devoted to subjects that range from old-school cannabis cultivation techniques to largely autobiographical treatises on the very nature of perception and psychedelics.In the wake of legalization taking hold here in the U.S., there is also an impressive crop of newer titles in recent years that speak to an audience with access to dispensaries, delivery services etc.By contrast, there are also books both old and new that are rife with misinformation, which can also be a valuable tool in assessing the evolution of drug policy here in the U.S. ..."Read the full article and see the list of recommended books by Zack Ruskin at Bloom & Oil.