Blunts & Moore "Oakland Originals"

Who are you and what is your relationship to the company ?My name is Samantha and I’m a supervisor and lead budtender at Blunts and Moore Oakland. How long have you been in the cannabis industry ?I’ve been in the cannabis industry since 2014, so I’ve experienced a lot while working through the transition from the medical days into the recreational era. How did you get your start in the cannabis industry ?I started as a budtender in San Francisco. I was bartending at various night clubs in the city before transitioning into cannabis. How was your company formed?Blunts and Moore was founded by Alphonso “Tucky” Blunt after he won the equity lottery. Blunts and Moore is proud to be the 1st equity owned dispensary in the world.What advice do you have for people getting into the industry? Keep an open mind! There’s a lot to learn when you’re first starting out, but keep in mind that your education never ends. Have fun with it - soak up all the knowledge you can and enjoy the experience. Who was your influence for wanting to be in the industry?I grew up around the cannabis scene in Northern California and naturally became friends with a lot of growers and hash makers. Their passion definitely inspired me to pursue a career that helps people heal with this magical plant! Where do you want your company to be in 5 years?Still going strong! We aim to be the primary cannabis destination in Oakland and hope to franchise in the future. Where do you see this industry going?All the way up! Tell us about a time you got too high or a funny story when you got high?Well, there was that one time I was so stoned that I stood at a crosswalk for a few minutes waiting for the light to change, only to realize I was standing in front of a stop sign…?