CBCV: An Introduction to Cannabichromevarin

We hate to sound like a broken record, but cannabis, and more specifically cannabinoids, need more research. In no cannabinoid is this more evident than CBCV.

V, For Very Little Research

Cannabichromevarin, or CBCV, was discovered in 1975 in Thailand. Since then, there has been almost no research on this cannabinoid. No, it may not be quite as prevalent as CBD. And it won’t get you high like THC. That doesn’t mean, however, that this cannabinoid is unimportant. It just means that the little research being done on cannabis is relegated to the more popular cannabinoids...for now. Here’s what we do know: it’s related to CBC. CBCV has the longer name, but it has the shorter chemical makeup. It’s a propyl cannabinoid whereas CBC is a pentyl cannabinoid. Propyl cannabinoids have a chain of three carbon atoms, pentyls have five. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean much to the laymen other than they are related but slightly different. Some propyl cannabinoids (like CBDV) act very similar to their related pentyl cannabinoids. But some (like THCV) appear to have quite different effects than their particular pentyl counterpart.

V, For Volumes of Potential

Let’s assume, because most people do without the research to back it up, that CBC and CBCV have similar medicinal benefits. Not all has to be assumption; CBCV is known to be part of an anticonvulsant drug for children, meaning it’s got anticonvulsant properties. Research has also shown that, like CBC, CBCV helps promote the production of endogenous cannabinoids (the ones that naturally occur in our bodies). Because it shares these properties with CBC, it may also share the potential to fight pain and reduce inflammation. It could be an antidepressant, anticancer and have antibiotic properties. Let’s hope these assumptions prove true; the world can always use more medicine.

V, For Venting

Ok, we’ll sound like a broken record. More research needs to be done on cannabinoids! Until then, we’re going to go grab some CBD. At least we know that calms us down.