Chronic Cocktails: Love Potion #Nug

It’s almost the culmination of cuffing season so we’re raising a very pink glass to celebrate our one true passion--cannabis. This drink is a perfect way to say “I love you,” whether it be to your girlfriends on Galentine’s Day, your partner on Valentine’s Day or yourself any damn day you choose to.

I Scream, You Scream

The Love Potion #Nug may be the definition of a guilty pleasure. It’s one of those drinks you are probably a little embarrassed to order but tastes so good you forge ahead. It’s shockingly pink, thick and creamy and on the sweeter side of the cocktail spectrum. But if Valentine’s Day isn’t a time for guilty pleasures we don’t know when is. And when we say sweeter side we’re not talking syrupy sweet. You know what helps balance it out? Cannabis, of course! The infusion for this drink may come as a surprise. We made cannabis ice cream! Ok, ok...technically the infusion comes from cannabutter that you use to make the ice cream. But let us repeat, cannabis ice cream! Usually homemade ice cream requires special equipment but this recipe only needs a little patience. It’s also a simple ingredient list: cannabutter, sweetened condensed milk, mint, vanilla and heavy cream. We said simple, we didn’t say low fat. Whip the heavy cream until stiff. Separately, mix the other ingredients together and then fold in the cream. Freeze and voila! Don’t skimp on the mint as it helps both complement and tone down the cannabis flavor. Find the whole recipe here. Now on to the Nug. The cocktail is equally as simple! The ice cream plus strawberries, ice, vodka and creme de cacao all go into a blender. Hit the milkshake setting or its equivalent and let it do its things. As quickly as you can say “Happy Valentine’s Day” the pink, creamy cocktail of your dreams is ready.

Energizer Bunny

With this berry sweet drink, it might be tempting to pick a fruity strain and call it a match made in heaven. But this cocktail already has a lot of flavor so let’s talk about the feels. Set the mood with Jet Fuel Gelato. This sativa-leaning hybrid is all about energy. The fuel to light your fire. It’s an uplifting strain that puts you in a dreamy, euphoric mood. It’s relaxing but still stimulating. Perfect to get you going...and going...and going...whatever that may mean to you on Valentine’s Day. Love Potion #NugIngredients:


So Sweet and JuicyWhether you’re drinking this in a tall glass, with two straws, staring into the eyes of your partner or clinking glasses with your best friends, the Love Potion #Nug is the perfect pink drink to toast your love and devotion. Beyond cupid’s arrow, it will also be a great al fresco summer sipper when the strawberries are sweeter and juicier. You know you like it juicy.