Chronic Cocktails: The Most High 420 Slushie

It’s the best day of the year! Happy 420, our fellow stoners. It’s a day of no shame, just a lot of smoke. Or, in this case...infused tequila. We’ve created a chronic cocktail to celebrate and toast this Most High holiday.

Slurp HD

This drink was created as an homage. Yes, it is an homage to 420. Yes, it is in honor of tokers everywhere. But mostly, it's to pay tribute to a very special place for stoners across the world: the convenience store. No other place welcomes cannabis consumers with such open arms and stocked shelves as your local convenience store. And whether you favor 7-Eleven, Kwik Trip or your block’s corner bodega, they usually have one shining beacon of light in common: the slushie machine. The faint humming sound is like a siren call to stoners. It's somehow warm and inviting, despite the chill drinks it dispenses. Yes, the slushie machine is a munchie haven, ready for you to pull its levers and swirl frozen sugar into your cup. Nothing can beat the consistency of that convenience store slushie, but we do have one shining 420 advantage over it: infused tequila. Also, this is Elyon. So we thought we would elevate the flavors. Not to knock blue raspberry, we just don’t want to stain our teeth with this version. Cherry limeade it is. Cherry limeade with infused tequila, it is. The very same tequila you use for your margaweeda. And should always have on hand for taco Tuesday. Isn’t it just grand 420 falls on a Tuesday this year?

Animal Style

Going to the convenience store high is a rite of passage. You light up; get blazed; head out; amble down the aisles as the first real wave of high hits you; get creative with your munchie choices; head home; chill out. To mimic that high for this 420 sesh, we chose Animal Punch. It’s an indica-dominant strain but starts with a euphoric head high, perfect for crafting creative munchies before the tingly, relaxing body chill washes over you. It also tastes like fruit punch and pairs perfectly with the tart, sweet taste of the slushie. Tastes great, feels better. The Most High 420 Slushie (Makes 2 drinks)Ingredients:


High Holidaze

Realistically, we want you to drink this slushie every day of the year. But today, the highest of the high holidays, we raise this beautiful icy glass to cannabis consumers everywhere, to the growers that tend the plants and all the people who paved the way for us to enjoy this beautiful herb. And, of course, to convenience stores everywhere. Cheers to getting The Most High and happy 420.