Chronic Mocktails

We commend everyone going through dry January right now. And we’re here to help. But our version is more on the Cali sober side. You don’t expect us to give up cannabis for a whole month, do you? Below we’ve come up with some mocktails that are meant to make going alcohol-free feel easy.

Honey Honey

Mocktails these days are getting more and more intricate. That’s great for those seeking flavor during sobriety. The drawback, however, is that many of these multifaceted mocktails now draw on ingredients like “zero-proof spirits.” Unless you plan on going Cali sober for good (amazing!), you probably don’t want to invest in too many bottles of alcohol-free alcohol. So let’s keep things simple, shall we? Below are two delicious mocktails that utilize infusions we already have in our fridge from our chronic cocktails. Cucumber and Chronic MuleIngredients:


Mary Jane MojitoIngredients:


Low Proof, High Spirits

While you will technically be muddling your way through dry January, these fresh mocktails will make you feel invigorated and the fusions will keep your spirits high, literally. And, if you don’t mind a whisper of alcohol during your Cali sober period, our GMO tincture and cannabitters open up a whole new world of mocktail possibilities. The world is your mixing glass. Image via The Manual.