Emerald Magazine - 4/20 GIFT GUIDE

"April showers actually do bring flowers — cannaflower that is.Soon, one of the biggest holidays of the year will be here — 4/20! There’s no real preparation needed for the big day, except, of course, having cannabis flower, edibles, bowls, bongs, tinctures, and more ready for use.No need to stress, Emerald has got consumers covered with our list of 4/20 deals and discounts!

1.Bloom Farms Mini Vape Pens

San Francisco’s Bloom Farms was started in 2014 by a couple of family farmers. The company has since evolved to create pure products, without additives.Along the way, the company has continued to support food banks in California with their 1:1 promise. For every product sold, Bloom Farms donates a meal to someone in need.Bloom Farms Wellness, which creates CBD products available nationally, is currently offering 4/20 specials on their Mini Vapor Pens and Cartridges. The half-gram cartridges and pens are now just $20, plus free shipping on orders $60+.This 4/20, Bloom Farms Wellness has also decided to drop their new premium, sun-grown flower, in ½ ounce pouches of Smalls. The Smalls come in different options like Watermelon Cookies, Durban Triangle, Strawberry Fields, and more! This deal is only available in California.

2. DaVinci Vapes

This cannabis tech company dedicates itself to producing tiny vaporizing devices that can do big things. Named after the great Leonardo Devinci, an innovator himself, the company strives for perfection, which shows in each of their devices.Right Now, DaVinci is offering 20% site-wide, giving consumers all the (affordable) opportunity to purchase one of their renowned DaVinci IQ2 — a portable dual-use vaporizer. This vaporizer allows the use of both flowers and extracts in one device.If the dual-use aspect isn’t for you, then try out their MIQRO, which is solely used for smoking herb. ..."Read the full guide by Emma Richter at Emerald Magazine.