Herb - 10 Genius Places To Stash Your Weed

"A good stash spot for your weed will be entirely unsuspecting—it will not only conceal it but it will also hide the smell as well. These spots can help with nosy family, pesky landlords and whoever else just doesn’t “get” Mary Jane like you do (because you’re in love).Many of these spots hide your marijuana in plain sight which can fool even you (so don’t forget where you put it). Get that crafty mind working and check out these top 10 stash spots for keeping your cannabis safe.

How To Hide Weed

Thanks to the internet, you now have seemingly endless options for imaginative places to hide your bud. One quick Amazon search for “discrete safe” and you’ve hit the motherload. If you’re trying to hide pounds of dried herb, however, you might be in for a struggle. But if you are simply looking for the best places to hide your stash, we’ve got you covered.From fake rocks to fake bibles, there’s a myriad of possibilities for safe weed hiding. Here’s a selection of some great places to hide (and protect) your stash. ..."Read the full article at Herb.