Herb - Best Stoner New Year’s Resolutions For 2021

"It’s that time of year again. Everyone has already made their New Year’s resolutions and are either keeping them, or have already given up. However, there is a separate group of resolutions each year: stoner New Year’s resolutions.Some people want to go healthier, other seek to change up their consumption habits. There are easy, attainable resolutions while others require a bit more effort and committment. If you’re trying to change something in your stoner routine, here are some common weed-related New Year’s recolutions we’ve seen.

Smoke More, Get Higher
Many of those who genuinely love to smoke weed will always have the initiative to “smoke more” for the new year. Whether you do or not is obviously up to you, but this is a typical stoner New Year’s resolution that we have to include.Besides, weed is more accessible now than ever. You can even buy it online! If you want a recommendation for your next session, try our limited edition Lemon Diesel CBG flower. A rare handcrafted sativa that’ll put you in a chill, uplifted mood.
Get Cleaner Highs With A Vaporizer
We all love a good joint or blunt. But let’s face it, that’s not the healthiest option in the long run. Smoke takes a toll on our lungs, throat, and teeth, so it’s better to find an alternative to switch in between joints. ..."Read the full article at Herb. And check out the Elyon team's personal cannabis resolutions!