Herb Somm - The Herb Somm's 4/20 Gift Guide

"The ultimate cannabis holiday is just around the corner! Here are 10 of my favorite gifts any herbal enthusiast can enjoy this 4/20. These items are listed in no particular order - just a curated collection of cannabis accessory ideas to enjoy and elevate with! As a disclosure, this post may contain affiliate links. Enjoy, and have a happy 4/20!

Munisa Ceramica Pipes

LA‑based Isabela Munoz is the incredible artist behind the gorgeous line of handcrafted pipes that you’ll find at Munisa Ceramica. Choose from a selection of unique fruit‑shaped cannabis accessories ranging from peaches to kiwis!

Art of Marina Mary Jane Duster

If you’re looking to relax and get comfortable, wrap yourself up in Art of Marina’s Mary Jane Duster. Available in both green and ivory shades, this 100% silk kimono is hand‑painted and will keep you feeling both sexy and stylish this 4/20. ..."

Read the full list by Jamie Evans at The Herb Somm.