Herb - The 10 Best Places To Smoke Weed In Los Angeles

"Quietness is important and even more so when you want to smoke your herbs. Cities can be overwhelming and that's why we'll show you 10 places in LA where you can find peace to spark up!No better place for recreational weed to be legal than the City of Flowers and Sunshine. Smoking outdoors in Los Angeles is entirely ok, no matter where. But today, we bring you a list of unique spots to make the best out of your smoking session outdoors.I will start with a classic, a place that is meant for you to smoke in…

Cannabis Café

In the heart of West Hollywood, Cannabis Café is a classy shop, with stools facing the windows and bar and plants hovering over your head and through the walls.Make sure to book a reservation before going to the cafe; it is super popular and always filled with people. I wouldn’t say that it is only because you can smoke weed inside… they also have a killer menu and set the tone just right for anyone looking for a good time.If you are into the indoor experience, the next place on our list will also, very probably, fit your needs. ..."Read the full list by Marcos Heredia at Herb.