Herb - The Best Rolling Trays: 2021 Buyers Guide

"Whether you're rolling a fat blunt or topping your bowl, a proper rolling tray is an essential accessory that every stoner should have. These are the best ones out there.You don’t know how beautiful it is to have a designated rolling tray handy until you ditch the dingy cardboard box, or even better, the coffee/tea tray you kept from that one hotel. Personally, what I love most about a true rolling tray is that I can use it in front of friends with no shame.As a social blunt smoker, I only roll up with company, and whipping out the bottom of an old package with my essentials scattered throughout makes me feel like the ultimate stereotypical stoner.But with a rolling tray, I at least seem like a semi-civilized person. Besides, you’d be surprised how amazed and impressed fellow smokers are when someone brings a real rolling tray to the session. It’s refreshing not only for you, but also for everyone around you.Of course, rolling trays aren’t just about good looks and good vibes. One of their best features is that they provide organization. They keep all of your tools in one spot, and some even have tops, along with slots to hold your rolling papers, grinder, etc.Makes it a lot easier to tuck away your station and forget about it until the clock strikes 4:20 again. Rolling trays also come in many sizes, making them practical for any occasion, whether it be a quick car sesh before shopping or a typical night in binge-watching your favorite series. ..."Read the full list by Dan Ophaug at Herb.