High Times - Cannabis Moms Talk Stigma, Politics, And Working In A Male-Dominated Industry

"Over the last 11 months, the cannabis industry has begun marketing directly towards a new demographic: moms. Plagued with the stress of parenting during a pandemic, working from home, and a shared sense of community upheaval, many mothers have turned to cannabis for the first time — or so the story goes.Though there’s been a notable increase in cannabis usage amongst some mothers (and disproportionate attention paid to those who are white, upper-middle class, and previously prohibitionist), many mothers have been using cannabis to manage stress and for enjoyment as long as cannabis has been around. Some, especially in legalized states, are executives in the industry or own their own brands.Despite the relative success of women in the cannabis industry, legal weed is oftentimes a man’s game. Not only does the process of procuring investment tend to favor young white men, but so have representations of stoner culture, which has historically sidelined women through sexist language and stereotypes. Yet, women have been key to cannabis activism and legalization through the years, and a disproportionate amount of women have founded their own cannabis companies when compared to other industries. ..."Read the full article by Veronica Irwin at High Times.