High Times - For The First Time, The NFL Will Not Test Players For Cannabis Use During Offseason

"The NFL has made a monumental change in their cannabis policy this week.

As of Monday, players in the National Football League (NFL) can be subject to random drug tests from the league. But for the first time, they won’t have to worry about testing positive for marijuana.It is a new era in the NFL—or more specifically, a new collective bargaining agreement that was negotiated last year and that established a new drug policy for the league.As detailed by Boston Globe NFL reporter Ben Volin, under the new policy agreed to by the league and the NFL players’ union, players will not get tested for THC—the key chemical found in pot—until the preseason. It is the first offseason that THC won’t be monitored during the random drug testing window, meaning that players can comfortably puff a joint or chew on an edible until action gets underway later this year. ..."Read the full article by Thomas Edward at High Times.