High Times - Jay-Z Announces Launch of Investment Fund To Aid Minority Cannabis Entrepreneurs

"Jay-Z has launched an initiative to help lift up those who have been negatively impacted by the war on drugs.Seeking to redress the wrongs inflicted on the Black community by America’s war on drugs, Jay-Z has announced that he is launching an investment fund aimed at helping minority entrepreneurs get their start in the burgeoning cannabis industry.'It’s really unbelievable how that can happen,' the rapper and mogul, whose real name is Shawn Carter, told the Wall Street Journal in a story published Wednesday. “We were the ones most negatively affected by the war on drugs, and America has turned around and created a business from it that’s worth billions.”According to the Journal, Jay-Z 'is starting his fund with $10 million in seed money received as part of a merger,' while also embarking on a 'broader push for equitable economic opportunity in the cannabis sector, as studies show that minorities have been punished more than whites for using drugs.' ..."Read the full article by Thomas Edward at High Times.