High Times - New Poll Shows Cannabis Delivery Has Had Increasing Popularity And Demand

"The demand for cannabis delivery appears to have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Will it remain popular?During the pandemic, cannabis delivery and drive-thru options became more of a hot topic than ever before. In addition to the logistics and safety it provides, delivery offers a stress-free, convenient system that is here to stay. According to a recent poll from Ganja Goddess, a California-based, online brand for cannabis consumers, cannabis users want to keep getting their weed delivered.According to the poll’s results, cannabis use has increased and is driven in many cases by managing mental health issues. Edibles have become even more important than flower as a way to consume, and vape pens are not as popular—or at least they weren’t last year because no one was on the go.'Since the start of the pandemic, Americans are spending more time than ever at home, leading to an overwhelming national demand for delivery services,' said Ganja Goddess CEO Zachary Pitts. ..."Read the full article by Addison Herron-Wheeler at High Times.