High Times - The Official High Times Gift Guide

"2020 wasn’t great. But you can still give your loved ones dope gifts this holiday season with the help of the official High Times Gift Guide!It’s that time of year again! Time to set up your tree, or your menorah, or hey, maybe just your bong, and get together with your loved ones to share the joys of completing another year. Especially considering the gauntlet 2020 has been for us all, we’re wishing you all an extra warm and cozy time with the family, and are all keeping our fingers crossed for a much brighter 2021.While warm wishes are nice, with all the upcoming gift-giving in mind, High Times has compiled a list of some of our best and brightest to set you up as not only the best gift giver ever, but also as one that’s sure to get smoked out on all their recently delivered presents. While we can’t promise your relatives will be packing piff, you CAN make sure they’re at least consuming in style! From swagging out your college student cousin, to providing lasting relief for your achy grandmother, there’s something for everyone under the High Times umbrella! ..."See the full guide at High Times.