Hightivities: Gardening

Everyone handles their high a bit differently. Some like to veg out on the couch, others like to take advantage of the increased creativity and produce art and still others like to engage in more physical activities. However you choose to ride your high, we want you to get the best experience possible. Selecting the right cannabis strain to pair with your anticipated activity can make a huge difference. Enter Elyon and our new Hightivities segment. Read on for recommondations for activities and what strain(s) to consume to get the most out of them. The bees are buzzing, the flowers are blooming and the scent of spring wafts around every corner. The promise of summer produce draws near. Your garden is teeming with life. But as it awakes from its long winter slumber it needs some tender loving care. Weeds need to be pulled, nutrients put back in the ground and seeds need to be planted. Those tomatoes won’t plant themselves.

Mother Nature

There are a lot of benefits to gardening. You get to spend time outside. You nurture life. You make things look beautiful. But it is a lot of work. Potentially, backbreaking. Or at least back aching. You are on your knees for long periods of time. You are generally hunched over. There is digging and hauling and pulling. It’s not glamorous work. What you really need to do to have the best gardening experience is connect with the land before your hands even hit the dirt. Of course we mean with cannabis. You don’t want to get so blissed out that you forget which seeds you put where, but you want your body to be as relaxed as possible. With cannabis, you can keep all those backaches at bay before they even start.

Father Fatso

Roses, ranunculus, daisies, daffodils...your flower choices are endless. Chemdawg, Chemical Leopard, Cake Batter, Kool Aid...more endless flower options. So what strain should you smoke before pulling out your shovel and putting your gardening gloves on? You need something that will keep your senses sharp but your body loose. You want your body relaxed and free of pain but not so calm you can’t find the will to pull weeds. You need Fatso. This indica dominant strain is great for treating chronic pain but is chock full of the uplifting terpene limonene. However, it's not for the faint of heart with a THC percentage nearing 30. Also, don’t dawdle after smoking it. Euphoria and head high set in first, but there is the possibility of couchlock. So get off your Fatso ass and get into your garden.

The Grass is Greener

You won’t find cannabis on Better Homes and Gardens list of garden tool essentials, but trust us. It’s at the top of ours. Cannabis, sun hat, a good playlist and lots of patience. It’s time to toke up and get those tomatoes in the ground.