Hightivities: Painting

Everyone handles their high a bit differently. Some like to veg out on the couch, others like to take advantage of the increased creativity and produce art and still others like to engage in more physical activities. However you choose to ride your high, we want you to get the best experience possible. Selecting the right cannabis strain to pair with your anticipated activity can make a huge difference. Enter Elyon and our new Hightivities segment. Read on for recommondations for activities and what strain(s) to consume to get the most out of them. It’s no secret that artists past and present have drawn influence from certain substances to help them hone their work. Some choose to find their creativity at the bottom of a bottle. We suggest, however, going a more relaxing route: smoke and paint.

Stroke and Smoke

Whether you have the genius of Picasso or just like to draw a stick figure every now and then, cannabis can help open your mind and cultivate creativity. It can help you push through boundaries on your art or perhaps just relax you enough to get the juices flowing. And while painting is largely considered a mental pastime, your physical state is equally important. Your body needs to be relaxed but still somewhat alert. Cannabis can help with that too. Smoke a little and you’ll be creative, but focused. Smoke a little more and you’ll see things from a whole new perspective. Smoke just a little more and you’ll discover colors you never knew existed.

Shades of Green

As with every cannabis experience, not everyone will feel the same. I may smoke and unlock talents I’ve never known existed while you might smoke and still come up with something equal to what an infant can draw. The right strain, however, is the first step in curating creativity and excelling in artistry. For painting, you want a strain that will relax you physically and mentally, but not make your body go fully limp and your mind totally spacey. As tempting as spacey sounds, you won’t be able to concentrate enough to paint the cosmos. You need something that keeps your senses sharp but still inspires imagination. We recommend Chile Verde as the pick of the palette. This indica dominant hybrid is known for its spicy flavor and euphoric effects. It kicks creativity to the forefront but doesn’t dull the senses so dramatically that you can’t concentrate on the canvas. It also helps relax the body without major couchlock. Just grab your easel and puff, puff, paint.

The Most High Artist

Need a little motivation to get your next masterpiece started? As in all things cannabis, Elyon is here for you. Join us for one of our Paint and Smoke sessions! You’ll be surrounded by other artists and a lot of smoke. Contact us or keep an eye on Instagram for details on how and when to join!