Hightivities: Shopping

Everyone handles their high a bit differently. Some like to veg out on the couch, others like to take advantage of the increased creativity and produce art and still others like to engage in more physical activities. However you choose to ride your high, we want you to get the best experience possible. Selecting the right cannabis strain to pair with your anticipated activity can make a huge difference. Enter Elyon and our new Hightivities segment. Read on for recommondations for activities and what strain(s) to consume to get the most out of them. You know the trope. Girl gets drunk. Girl goes on computer. Next day a stack of packages arrives at her door that she has no memory of ordering. Oh, the perils of drunk shopping. That’s why you should always just get high.

Down the Reddit Hole

Whether you’re online or picking up your parcels in person, shopping can be a bit stressful--particularly, holiday shopping. If you’re in-person, there’s other people to interact with or navigate around. You need to decide what stores to hit and the best route around the mall or shopping plaza. Do you have time to browse the store leisurely or do you need to get in, get your gift and go? And if you think there are distractions when you are physically in a store, forget about online shopping. How many clicks does it take to fall into a deep internet conspiracy spiral or get lost in Reddit comments? Way too few. What do you need, then, to get you through this season of shopping? The answer is always cannabis.

A Holiday (Shopping) Miracle

Of course, cannabis does have a bit of a reputation for making you more distracted and there is always the risk that you could fall further down that Reddit hole. That’s why you need to pick the right strain. You need something that will A) relax you. Again, it’s stressful, so you need to be as calm as possible going in. However, you don’t want to be couchlocked, even if you are just shopping online. So you need a strain that will B) be uplifting. And finally, whether you are buying a gift or looking for something special for yourself, you’ll want a little C) creativity. When looking for A.B.C., you need to turn to the M.A.C--specifically, Elyon’s M.A.C ONE. This strain, also known as Miracle Alien Cookies, is perfect for getting your gift on. With a mix of limonene, pinene and caryophyllene, M.A.C ONE offers an uplifting, happy high with waves of relaxation and pulsing creativity. It’s a strain that you can safely smoke and be comfortable interacting with others or you can get cozy in your house and get busy with your mouse.

Too Many Cookies

The only type of shopping we may advise against? Grocery shopping. Not that we’re against a little creativity in the kitchen, but you may find your cart a little too full. Approach at your own risk. ---Image via WikiLeaf.