How To Make Cannabis-Infused Lube

We’ve talked sex, we’ve talked attachment, but as we head into Valentine’s Day weekend, it’s time to talk about self love. Let’s not beat around the bush, this is for the ladies out there and giving your vagina a little TLC in the form of THC. Treat yourself by getting your lady parts The Most High with some homemade cannabis lube.

Low and Slow

Cannabis has come a long way from being mostly about shady dealers and whatever weed you could get your hands on. Now you can get gourmet edibles, cannabis tea, tinctures and more. That more includes cannabis lube. You can find several different canna sex products on dispensary shelves around the country. The caveat? They are expensive. But did you know you can do it yourself? Yes you can. Pretty easily, too. You might even have the base in your kitchen cabinet already: coconut oil. First thing you need to do is decarboxylate your cannabis, a quarter ounce of it. Reminder: decarb at 240 degrees for approximately 40 minutes. We recommend spreading out your ground cannabis on a parchment-lined baking sheet and shaking it up about halfway through. After your cannabis gets baked, parcel it evenly into two small mason jars; four ounce jars work best. Top each with coconut oil, eight ounces in total. Place these jars in a crockpot set to “warm.” Top with boiling water, making sure to fully cover the jars (this is why the small ones work best). Leave them to infuse for 4-5 hours, shaking them periodically, about once an hour. Be careful! Do not burn yourself. We recommend tongs and some oven mitts in case you spill or splash. After the 4-5 hours is up, take the jars out of the water and let cool. Filter the oil through unbleached cheesecloth and funnel it into a tincture jar. You are now ready to do the dirty.

Turn Me (Ely)On

Now that we zipped through the how, let’s take a step back and talk about the why. So your lady parts won’t get The Most High in the traditional sense, meaning you won’t necessarily feel the psychoactive components of the THC. It’s not entirely out of the question depending on your body but it's unlikely. Instead, cannabis-infused lube helps increase stimulation and sensation. Your blood will be pumping and your sex drive will go vroom vroom. We hate to use the word, as it can sometimes have the opposite effect, but you will be moist as hell. It's also likely to reduce any potential vaginal pain associated with sex. Now the age-old question: what strain should I use when making my own cannabis lube? You need the stuff of dreams; Blue Dream that is. This sativa dominant strain is often noted for its stimulating head high but is also great for treating pain because it leaves a very relaxing body high. It's usually got a high THC content balanced out with CBD and CBN. It's also known for a warming sensation, leaving your lady bits feeling like they are soaked with sunshine.

Customize Your Cravings

Loving the lube but want to switch things up every once in a while? You can add aloe vera (creating an even more slippery sensation), essential oils (various health effects and flavors) or even sunflower lecithin (get a little sticky with it). You can also use different bases. Instead of fractionated coconut oil you can use MCT oil or sweet almond oil. One thing to note, however, is that your DIY lube is not condom friendly so plan accordingly to keep your sex safe. And finally, speaking of planning, you’ll want to apply the lube 15-30 minutes before you really get into it for the full effect. That just means your foreplay will be even more fun.Happy Valentine’s Day. Now go get your hoo-haw high. Image via Pittsburgh City Paper.