International High Life - How to Pass a Drug Test For Weed

"To learn how to pass a drug test, you must first understand what method of testing you are facing. Second, what time frame are you dealing with? Third, what individual factors will impact how much THC is in your system? Urine, saliva, hair, and blood tests all work on different methodologies and vary in usefulness.To complicate matters further, cannabis is one of the most complicated substances to test for. Some drug tests look for past use of the plant. Others look for evidence of current intoxication. Many drug tests for weed are likely to report false positives. Urine drug tests especially.Does all this sound altogether too complicated? Trust us, we hear you. Who cares about drug testing’s scientific details when all you want to know is how to pass one! It turns out that drug testing science and human biology are essential to beating the system. If you’re going to pass a drug test, you must first understand them. ..."Read the full article Jessica McKeil at International High Life.