Kitchen Toke - Salt of the Earth

"If there’s any ingredient that holds a candle to the magic of cannabis in the kitchen, it’s salt. One of the most abundant resources on the planet, salt is foundational to a range of culinary innovations, from baking to brining to preservation, and it enhances a whole world of flavors. Besides, our bodies can’t function without it.The mineral content of sea salt, in particular—including potassium, iron and calcium—is crucial to a range of bodily functions, from nerve transmission, muscle function and fluid retention to regulation of blood pressure. Combined with the holistic benefits of cannabis, an infused version of this kitchen stalwart is also among the most cost-effective and underrated ways to microdose. Sometimes a pinch really is all it takes to take a dish to the next level.Classically trained chefs are among those who have embraced experimentation with infused salts in the kitchen. Both Jordan Wagman, a James Beard-nominated chef, teacher, author and advocate of medical cannabis based in Toronto, and Chef David Yusefzadeh of Cloud Creamery in Framingham, Massachusetts, swear by the transformative powers of cannabis to manage chronic conditions. And, salt, they say, can be a good vehicle to ensure adequate dosing. ..."Read the full article by Carly Fisher at Kitchen Toke.