Leafly - Sha’Carri Richardson doesn’t need to apologize for smoking weed

"The United States Anti-Doping Agency has announced that Olympic hopeful Sha’Carri Richardson will serve a one-month suspension after she has tested positive for marijuana. The suspension could prevent Richardson from moving on to the Olympic Games.Richardson came forward this morning to apologize to her fans for consuming cannabis. Now, fans of the track star wait for the official decision of when the 30-day suspension will begin.According to ESPN, if the ban is backdated to the time of the test results, there’s still a chance that she could compete in the 4×100 meter relay at the Olympics in Tokyo on August 6.

Athletes continue to need weed

Richardson is just one of many athletes who use cannabis. From professional basketball players to football stars, cannabinoids have helped athletes recover, manage anxiety, stay focused, and stay off of pain killers. ..."Read the full article by Janessa Bailey at Leafly.