Merry Jane - Puff Puff Pass: NFL Players Smoking Weed

"Puff, pass, score! With the NFL wising up and chilling out on their weed rules, here’s a look at some gridiron greats who strongly advocate going green — and why.

People forget that football players love weed. In fact, so many pro-ballers use the plant — and are vocal about it — that NFL players have become pop culture’s newest “celebrity stoner” obsession.People love hearing about gridiron athletes using weed because it highlights the plant’s array of applications. The most common reason is for pain relief. Tons of NFL players have come forward about using weed to heal the injuries they endure. But, that’s not the only reason they choose to medicate with the green. Many 420-friendly NFL players say toking up makes them better players.Thankfully, in 2020 the NFL actually softened their stance on marijuana. It came as a result of players’ speaking out on the benefits of cannabis, coupled with society’s rapid advance toward acceptance in regard to cannabis laws. ..."Read the full article at Merry Jane.