Our 2021 Cannabis Resolutions

While cannabis had a good year in 2020, most people did not. So we’re happy to dive into the new year and celebrate fresh beginnings. We’re hoping cannabis continues to soar, the industry keeps on growing and you keep your stash jars full of Elyon. What will we be doing? We’ll be working on our own cannabis resolutions. They include growing the business, keeping you supplied, cooking with cannabis and even cutting back. We’re all on our own cannabis journeys and we respect all paths.

The Most High Gratitude Meditations 2021

“I am not much for New Year’s resolutions, but I really felt that after this past crazy year it was time to finally make one in the spirit of new traditions, hope, love, gratitude and remembrance. I resolve to make a daily practice of “The Most High Gratitude Meditations” while enjoying the delicious, dank haze of my favorite Elyon strains. Each day I will deeply cherish my family and friends, and to never take for granted the opportunities to spend a little bit more time with them. Whether it’s a phone call, a lunch date, or a chance to go for a hike and enjoy mother nature with my loved ones, I will forever see those precious moments in a different light. The Most High Gratitude Meditations will be a new precious moment where I can just be thankful for all that I have in life. Grateful for each person and each precious moment, and remembering with love those who are no longer here.” - Lori, compliance specialist

Baking in the New Year

“My main cannabis related goal for the new year is I'd like to learn how to make tinctures & cannasugar and experiment with new edibles!” - Kate, social media“I'm hoping to get better at properly dosing my edibles and perfecting my weed butter. My husband has a very low tolerance, especially when it comes to edibles, so I think he gets more nervous than actually enjoying the experience. I really want to make sure I can concisely dose each serving so that he can enjoy himself as much as I do! It’s also so important for creating cocktail recipes. You need to be careful when combining cannabis and alcohol and the dosing can be pretty tricky. Here’s to doing more math in 2021!” - Jacqueline, blogger

Growing Getting you The Most High

“Our goals for 2021 are to launch two more brands, expand our footprint in California as far as grows and also work on obtaining another license in another state.” - Matt, owner“My cannabis new year's resolution is to grow enough weed for the people. We're looking at tripling our cultivation footprint over the course of the next year, hopefully that will get me just a small step closer to my resolution!” - Yoel, grower

Cutting Back and Stepping Out

“For 2021, I'm actually going to cut back severely on smoking weed. I start school this month. I actually don't think I will quit entirely because I'm starting with a light class load, but no more waking and baking for me - which is my favorite thing to do. I will say I don't think I can give up my nighttime bong rip. That won't ever change.” - Sofia, senior accounts payable coordinator“I'm hoping to be able to travel more next year. Coming to Cali I was hoping to explore more so my goal is to travel every 3 months.” - Austin, marketing manager

Smart Smoking

“I don't really have any serious weed related resolutions, but in the last couple months I have been trying to be better about how and when I use sativas and indicas. I have been using cannabis forever and for a long time just used whatever without noticing much of a difference, but lately I have been a lot more aware of my headspace depending on what I use. So much so that when I ran out of sativa to use during the day a few weeks ago I just used an indica instead and it made me so uncomfortable that I didn't smoke for a couple weeks. So if I had to make a weed related resolution, it would be to be responsible about when and where I use different strains. If It's not something that I know is going to get me in the right frame of mind at that time then I want to be smart about my use.” - Bradley, growerCannabis resolutions are one's we're more than happy to keep. Let us know yours!