Our Cannabis Companions: The Pieces We Love

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. We’re talking about the bond formed between smoker and smoking vessel. Longtime cannabis consumers know that a bong isn’t just a bong. It's a piece to cherish and love. It’s with you through the good times and bad, in sickness and in health. But not everyone loves a bong. Every stoner’s journey is different and the relationships formed along the way are unique. Here are a few of our love stories...

The One That Got Away

"Nowadays I mostly use papers so I don't really have any special pieces. Anything that I considered special in the past has been long gone, unfortunately, but I can recall some of these special pieces that I used to love. The first piece I ever smoked out of was a pipe made out of a kazoo. One of the older boys had it on a boy scout camping trip haha. After that the first piece that was my own was a piece given to me by my sister that was a cool polished rock with holes carved in it. So just a rock I smoked out of. These two were really special to me because they were my firsts. Other than that I think I've only had one other piece that was really special. The first pipe I bought the first year after high school when I moved away from home and started college. I loved this thing. It was a great shape and size, beautiful frosted glass with cool frogs all over it. I used to fantasize about one day my kids finding it in a box in the attic or something, and then we smoke out of it together when they're old enough, maybe even take it with them when they go to college. Even this piece that I took great care of met an unfortunate end. That seems to be the life of these special items I suppose. Cheap pipes and papers get the job done for now, but there is a magical relationship that I'm probably missing out on." - Bradley, Grower

Love At the Touch of a Button

“So I’ve never really been a fan of bongs personally, maybe it's because I always cough uncontrollably or the fact I grew up in an area where getting caught with cannabis was harshly punished; so it was easier to buy a pack of papers than to carry a bong with me on the go. I do see some bongs and I think, that would be nice in a glass case in my Stoner Man Cave, but it wouldn't get the appreciation I know it deserves. On the other hand I am in a relationship with some 90u-120u Hash Rosin at the moment. She requires a lot of attention so I got her something special called the "Oura," that is an electronic dab rig. In the past I used to enjoy traditional rigs but buying butane became costly and trying to light a torch while driving from the BAY to LA isn't ideal. Now that's never a problem. At the touch of the button I can get a low temp dab without any effort. And efficiency is key to me so I’m never looking back. I’ve found the one.” - Austin, Marketing Manager

That Special Side Piece

“I’ve swapped a lot of spit with my friends over the years. In that, I mean we’ve shared a lot of smoking devices. My first two pieces were actually inherited from friends. I cherished them with a glorious naivety. I was young and carefree and they were the perfect pieces for my lifestyle (aka they were free). But they weren’t mine. Not truly. I didn’t really feel that special something until recently. She’s sleek and gorgeous and she just fits. Let me tell you, size does matter...but bigger isn’t always better. I’m talking about the Mimi. She came into my life when I was trying to take a break from bongs but I haven’t looked back. So much so that my DaVinci vaporizer has been relegated to side piece, albeit a very special side piece: easy to hide, fun to take on vacation, only a little guilt. Yes, I do love my DaVinci, but Mimi is my main gal. For now anyway…” -Jacqueline, BloggerHere's to your own love story and finding that perfect something to get The Most High with.