PotGuide - 10 Dispensary Customers You’ll Deal With as a Budtender

"Congratulations! Your local dispensary has hired you as their next budtender. You’ve got it made! A cool job, discount weed, fun coworkers, good music, and plenty of tips.

Plus, discount weed! What more could you want out of a job? But hang on. It’s still customer service, you never know who might show up at your register. If you thought your last job had some interesting patrons, get ready.

Common Cannabis Consumers 101

Talk with anyone in the budtender community, and you’ll likely to hear about these 10 dispensary customers that you may encounter in your line of duty.The ExpertThe Expert knows exactly what they want. They’ve perused the menu, they’ve comparison-shopped, and they chose your dispensary. Be honored.Don’t bother with the basics about their requested strain. They already know its THC percentage, its terpene profile, it’s parentage, the full name of the grower, and also somehow the grower’s ancestry.com results. They will use at least three cannabis terms you’ll have to Google later. The Expert is polite and direct, but never rude.Budtender’s Note: Tell them something they don’t know and expect a great tip.The Know-It-AllThe Know-It-All is like The Expert, but the opposite. The Know-It-All will ask for an ounce of your stickiest weed. They mean a gram. They will then complain about the price/potency/appearance because “there’s way danker kush at other shops they were just at.” They will then ask to see more. This could go on for a while.Budtender’s Note: In the end, they will choose the cheapest gram-sized ounce you have, then claim it’s “the dankest kush” before driving off in their friend’s car they “borrowed.”Read the full list by Paul Barach at PotGuide.com.