PotGuide - Hiking with Cannabis: Dos and Don'ts

"Burning one down while passing through some wilderness has been a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts since the days of dime bags and external frame backpacks. A nice trail toke can loosen up your limbs, get your head in the right place to relax, and is great for feeling that natural vibe. However, heading out into the woods for even a couple of miles takes a little bit of planning. This is especially true if you’re going to be a little altered once you’re out there. Going into a hike prepared means enjoying your time without harshing your experience.

If you’ve ever been curious to pack some cannabis and see how Mother Nature decorates her house, PotGuide is here with some helpful Dos and Don’ts of hiking while stoned.

Do: Pick an Uplifting and Energetic Strain.

Whether you’re strolling past a lake or hiking up a mountain, choose an energetic strain. Anything that brightens the colors, lifts your mood, keeps your head up and your feet moving is perfect for a day in the woods.On the other hand, if you’ve got a favorite evening strain that droops your eyelids or a psychedelic one that gets you lost on the way to your kitchen, leave it at home.

Don’t: Use a Bluetooth Speaker.

Besides scaring away wildlife or drowning out birds, it’s rude to impose your music on another hiker’s experience. If you like vibing to tracks that power you up the slope or make reaching those views extra epic, then a pair of sweat-proof, wireless sports headphones are the best choice. Wired earbuds work as well, but the cords can snag on passing branches.Read the full article by Paul Barach at PotGuide.com. And don't forget to check out Elyon's Hightivities Hiking strain recommendation.