PotGuide - How to Rehydrate Dry Weed

"Air tight and out of sight. This classic maxim should tell you all that you need to know about storing marijuana and keeping your weed at its pristine, smokeable best. As long as your pot is stored correctly, in the dark and in a sealed jar, you should have access to dank, sticky buds for as long as your stash holds out. However, here in the real world, we know that keeping your cannabis at its maximum flavor and potency over time can be much harder than it seems. Every consumer has encountered dried out weed in their cannabis consuming lifetime. Sometimes it was left out too long, sometimes it got too old, and sometimes it’s not the fault of the cannabis fan at all.

For the weed loving residents of high and dry states like Colorado, Arizona, or Utah, desiccated buds can be unavoidable thanks to the local climate.

Whatever the reason, if you’re left with dry weed the last thing you want to do is smoke it. That brittle bud can turn to powder on its way from your fingers to your bowl. When you smoke it, not only are you inhaling a harsher smoke that’s burning way too hot, but the THC percentage has dropped as the terpenes have dried up and the trichomes have likely broken off. However, you may have spent good money on that top shelf bud and don’t want it to go to waste. So what can you do? PotGuide is here to give you the best ways to rehydrate your dry bud, from store-bought products to DIY techniques.

Humidity Packs Work Wonders on Cannabis

After it’s been snipped from the stalk and cured, the ideal level of moisture you want to keep your bud at is around 55%-62% RH (Relative Humidity). Of course, maintaining this can get difficult unless you’ve got a keen eye for hydration levels, a fine spray bottle of distilled water, and a lot of time on your hands. The easiest way to keep your weed at its ideal relative humidity is to throw a humidity pack in the jar. There are several companies to choose from, but we’ll focus on the big three. ..."Read the full guide by Paul Barach at PotGuide.com.