PotGuide - How to Roll a Cross Joint

"Whether you’re winding up for your annual 4/20 celebration or your regular smoke sesh with friends, it’s always nice to throw a little curveball into the rotation. Something special to wow the cannabis fans in attendance. A cross joint or cross blunt displayed prominently on your table is going to get some oohs and aahs.

Cross joints/blunts are as their name advertises: rolling papers wrapped around your ground up bud into a fat joint, but with a second, smaller joint inserted perpendicular below the tip. This forms a cross shape, or a lower-case letter T, depending on which is more culturally relevant to you. Either way, it’s a great way to ward off any vampires stalking about.Cross joints require a little extra care to roll than regular joints, and a slow, steady draw so that all ends burn evenly. Still, they’re well worth the effort. If you’ve got your joint rolling down to an art and want to advance into exotic joint/blunt rolling, cross joints are a great starting point. PotGuide is here with some helpful tips and tricks to get you rolling. ..."Read the full article by Paul Barach at PotGuide.com.