PotGuide - Weed and Working Out

"As the nation comes to terms with the multitude of medicinal applications of cannabis, it should come as no surprise that athletes, physical therapists, and sports medicine specialists are adding their voices to the chorus of those praising marijuana and exercise. So Dr. Angela Bryan, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at UC Boulder, wanted to know more about the burgeoning relationship between cannabis and exercise.

Dr. Bryan and her team conducted a survey of 600 cannabis users in states where adult-use is legal, asking how they work out with weed. The researchers found that more than 80% responded that they used cannabis an hour before or within four hours after working out. They reported a range of benefits from focus to recovery, but maybe more importantly, 70% of those surveyed reported that it made their exercise experience more enjoyable.Regardless of the performance, the positive feelings associated with the workout can be enough to bring people back to the next day. Bryan’s data showed that people who used cannabis in conjunction with exercise (co-users) spent more minutes exercising per week than those who did not combine the two, suggesting that cannabis is a great tool for overcoming the mental resistance associated with exercise. After all, it’s not exactly a performance-enhancing drug. Is it? ..."Read the full article by Trevor Ross on PotGuide.com. And check out our Elyon strain recommendation in Hightivities: Working Out.