PotGuide - What is a Pinner Joint? (And How to Roll One)

"As cannabis restrictions continue to fall, millions of new consumers enter the market every year. Many of those new customers, then, are confronted with a cannabis culture years in the making; one that often caters to veteran smokers, passing plump joints of high-THC flower, or an array of concentrates that threaten to send new users to the moon in minutes. Enter the pinner joint: a slim cannabis cigarette built for light-to-moderate consumption. Pinners, or “percy joints,” are not new to cannabis, but anyone new to cannabis ought to know about them.

What is a Pinner Joint?

A pinner is a slim joint, usually rolled with about one-third to half the flower of a traditional jay. If the usual, cone-shaped joint can be thought of as 1 gram, a pinner is that gram rolled into two – or even three – smaller cigarettes.Oral tradition suggests that pinner joints came about as a way to stretch your stash. Slimmer joints (“thin as a pin”) mean smaller portions to avoid smoking more than you really need – those extra puffs add up! ..."Read the full article by Trevor Ross at PotGuide.com.