Quick Hits from the Elyon Team (February Edition)

A quick glimpse at what some of the Elyon team has been consuming this month – everything from culture, cannabis, munchies and more.

Down By The River

“There seems to be nothing better for relaxing the mind, and easing the spirit, than being down by the river enjoying Mother Nature, including one of her greatest bounties, cannabis. The joy of being in nature to me is always heightened by a good body easing and mood elevating daytime strain like Elyon’s LemonHeads, Wedding Pie or even Durban Zkittles. With my pain eased, body relaxed, and mood lifted, I can hike the river bank and have fun with my giant labrador, Yogi Bear. Geared up for fun, he is wearing his life vest for his greatest pleasure in life which is retrieving his tennis ball from the fast flowing river. The sound of the water rushing by is punctuated by the cries of different birds from raptors to songbirds and ducks, pairing up for their mating season. We are all celebrating the early spring weather along the Russian River.” - Lori, Compliance Specialist

Highs and Lows

“For me February has been a strange mix of elation while desperately fighting back feelings of depression. I am excited about a lot of things. Work is great and preparation for the coming growing season is going well. The team is working hard and continuously developing new innovations. I'm excited about my newfound love of orchids as well, and learning all about growing and caring for them. And I'm excited about the progress I've made sticking to my good habits and staying healthy. We're starting to get some beautiful sunny days that usually would be enough to put me in a great mood, the sun is usually exactly what I need to get out of wintertime lethargy, but still not being able to do much socializing is especially hard right now. Staring longingly at my friends through a webcam while reading reports of rising depression rates doesn't help. Nothing can replace the comfort of your close tribe. Luckily we at least have some contact, nightly chats and virtual game nights do help a lot, and it's not all bad. I was able to visit my sister this month because she is working from home and who normally I'd be lucky to see once a year. One of my closest friends was able to mostly correct his vision in one eye after a bad car accident last year. I even cried with joy because another one of my closest friends brought a healthy new life into this world. There are still a lot of great things happening, and it's important to keep a positive mental attitude despite the difficulties we are all facing. I wrote about this not to complain or bum people out, but because this is just how I've been feeling this month and I don't want to pretend like everything is perfect. I want to be open in case it helps people relate. Checking in with my friends and family while we all go through this helps remind me that I am not alone, and I believe something that can help all of us is finding ways to connect and help care for each other. After all, Saint Francis of Assisi wrote ‘It is in giving that we receive.’” - Bradley, Grower

Camping With Cannabis

“Camping with cannabis and Catan is an alliterative dream but also my favorite way to experience the great outdoors. This past month, however, I had to swap c-words and substituted cold-weather for Catan. Camping in February isn’t for everyone but while the rest of the country was experiencing a deep freeze, our temps were still in the 50s and 60s. I just didn’t really account for the diurnal shift that makes our cannabis and wine so lovely but sleeping on the ground a bit on the chilly side. Nighttime lows were in the mid-30s so instead of sitting around the picnic table to play Catan, we didn’t budge from the fire until it was time to snuggle into our sleeping bags. We still consumed cannabis, though. That’s a camp necessity, no matter the temperature.” - Jacqueline, Blogger

New Strains and Celebrations for Black History Month

“This past month has been a crazy one. My favorite strain we grew this year, Kush Mintz, is hitting the shelves and we have some dope sploofs coming out soon. We also got to be involved with donating $2,000 to 100 Black Men of America for all the pre-rolls sold this past month.” - Austin, Marketing Director

Artful Smoke

“What a pain in my glass!!! My ‘artful smoke’ as I liked to call it recently broke into what seemed like a million pieces on my tile floor, the victim of a bad pass. I won’t tell you what I said when it happened, and no names will be mentioned. This pipe was treasured as it truly was a piece of functional art. Seafoam green to blue hued glass adorned with etched and raised turtle, seahorse, starfish, angel fish and an assortment of sea shells on the surface, it evoked the senses of sight and touch/feel into my smoke experience. The beauty and feeling of the sea life on my pipe always seemed like it heightened the experience, adding to the delicious tastes and smells of my favorite healing strains and their tasty terps. Sadly, my artful smoke evoked the fifth sense of hearing with the sound of it’s smashing departure and shattering ‘wave’ good-bye. The search for a new artful smoke begins again.” - Lori

Elyon and Elevated Orange Juice

“We’re in the midst of citrus season here and that means my lemon tree is full of fruit and my counter is brimming with oranges graciously gifted from my neighbor. I’m constantly on the hunt for new recipes (suggestions welcome!) but sometimes the best use is just a good old-fashioned glass of orange juice. Well, almost. The other day, after squeezing a small glass of fresh juice, I added a few dashes of my homemade cannabitters. Wow. After just a few sips, I felt like everything was right in the world. It’s my new super drink. Not that the bitters hit that quickly, it just felt like such a healthy way to consume cannabis. Just a small amount. Not enough to get me The Most High, but hopefully enough to get me The Least Heartburn from the juice. It worked and now will be my go-to whenever I have oranges at hand.” - Jacqueline