Quick Hits from the Elyon Team (January Edition)

A quick glimpse at what some of the Elyon team has been consuming this month – everything from culture, cannabis, munchies and more.

A little extra TLC and THC please!

“Nothing like a few hours in the dentists’ chair to require a little extra TLC and THC! Thank you Elyon Wedding Pie for saving my day! It rescued me with a wonderful relaxing, anxiety easing, and pain easing impact. To top it off it was a yummy smoke! Better than a slice of cake! I’ll take Wedding Pie with its hints of sweet cream and wild berry flavors and aromas any day!” - Lori, Compliance Specialist

Spill The Tea

“I’ve been looking for alternative consumption methods since winter started (actually, since Covid started). My lungs just can’t always take bong hits like they used to. And while I love edibles, they don’t have the ritual the way smoking does. There’s something about grinding up the weed, filling the bong and lighting up that hypes up the high. Popping a gummy just doesn’t hit the same way. But I think I found the answer: cannabis tea. Making tea is practically a sacred art so it definitely has the ritual element. Anticipation builds as the water boils. The slightly herbal smell wafts through the air. And you slowly sip your way to bliss. I like the prepackaged tea you buy at the dispensary but it’s quite expensive so more often than not I make regular tea and add canna honey to it. Now that’s the tea.” - Jacqueline, Blogger

Nail Art

“My highlights for January were...I binge watched the show In The Dark. It was amazing, I can't wait for the 3rd season to come out. I also got caught up on the Bachelor! I started to practice doing acrylic nails as well. I have a super crafty soul and am always trying new artsy things. It's been a busy, and fun month.” - Kiera, Photographer

Words of Peace and Unity

“Wow! I have never been as moved by the speeches, songs and poems of the presidential inauguration celebrations as I was with this presidential inauguration! Goosebumps, awe, tears, laughter, relief and joy were just a few of the feelings evoked by those who spoke, sang, or recited their amazing poems. They evoked a strong sense of unity, pride, and hope for the end of the Pandemic as well as America’s recovery both economically and from it’s more recent social divide.” - Lori

Stop Scrolling

“The beginning of this month was hard. I found myself glued to social media as the insurrection took place. I couldn’t look away. Doomscrolling at its worst. And it really took a toll on my mental health. I always struggle during the winter months and suspect I have mild seasonal affective disorder but I was on the road to depression the likes of which I haven’t experienced in years. Thankfully, a podcast I just started listening to but already really love called “A Thing or Two” had a full episode dedicated to mental health. Just hearing them talk about and give voice to their personal struggles with mental health was incredibly helpful. It's still a topic with a lot of stigma around it so having them be so open about it made me feel more comfortable addressing the topic myself. Self care is incredibly important and for me, cannabis is a big part of that (hello, THC bath bombs), but first and foremost I’ve found that I need to be honest with myself about how and why I may be struggling. For now, that means more cannabis and less social media.” - Jacqueline

To Bring Us Sugar and Tea and Rum

“Ok, so I know I just said that I need to consume less social media but I will say there was one thing on the internet that gave me true joy this past month: sea shanty tik toks. I’m not actually on tik tok but for a hot second I was hearing about viral videos of guys singing sea shanties all over the internet. Sea shanties are songs that sailors would sing back in the 1800s to distract themselves from their toils. This is the internet we need right now. Also, my favorite class in college was folk songs (I was an anthropology minor so don’t @ me), so these songs are right up my alley. Just watch out, once you listen to The Wellerman, you will be singing it on repeat for days. Also, this one.” - Jacqueline