Strain Study: Alien OG

From our nugs to yours, we want you to get to know your ganja. Below we’ll break down a strain so you get a little history, know what effects to expect and even provide some recommendations on food and drink pairings so you can get the most out of your smoke! Don’t worry, there’s no quiz at the end.

A Bit of Background

The Strain: Alien OGGenetics: Born and bred in the Bay Area, Alien OG is a hybrid strain from The Cali Connection, crossing Tahoe OG and Alien Kush.Grower Nugs: Although most OGs do better indoors, Alien OG is a pretty strong plant and does well in our hoop houses. It’s not very pungent until cured but is extremely resinous and covered in trichomes.

The Labs

THC and Beyond: Novices beware and even seasoned stoners should take care: Elyon’s Alien OG clocks in between 28 and 30 percent THC.Terpene Profile: Myrcene and Limonene are the top terps for Alien OG.

Taste and Toke

The Nose: Once cured, the nose is quite pungent with sweet citrus and slight skunk.The Palate: The citrus, particularly lemon, echoes through on the palate but is accompanied by notes of pine and earth.The Feels: You’ll feel out of this world (sorry, had to). But for real, Alien OG does offer a heady psychedelic high. Lots of euphoria accompanies a body high that is relaxing but not overly sedative.

Puff and Pair

Grab & Go Munchie: Cucumbers and dip. Your choice whether you reach for the hummus or ranch to pair with your cukes but this is a solid couch snack, helps refresh any potential cottonmouth and pairs nicely with Alien OG’s flavor profile.Gourmet Munché: Oysters. These aren’t your typical munchie but they are basically slippery little aliens and anyone tripping will not only experience different taste sensations but also texture. Dash with a squirt of lemon and take them to your leader, aka your stomach.In the Glass: OG meets G&T. With notes of citrus and pine, a gin and tonic is the perfect beverage pairing for Alien OG.On the Stereo: 80s synth pop is still the leading soundtrack for anything alien. We recommend watching the music videos while lighting up: bad fashion, lots of neon and trippy but outdated visual effects that pair perfectly with the music and with what you’re smoking.Hightivity: Stargazing, what else? Keep an eye out for UFOs.