Sweet Jane - Can Cannabis Cut the Cramps?

"This natural pain reliever shows promise for some women, but more research is needed to confirm its soothing effectsMidol. A hot bath. Extra sleep. A heating pad. An awareness of the moon cycles. What haven’t we tried to pepper the symptoms of lady pain?As cannabis becomes more mainstream, so do its medicinal uses including—you guessed it—subsiding pain associated with the female reproductive system. A range of cannabis products and strains claim to provide relief via smoking, vaping, topical creams, balms, bath salts, and even vaginal suppositories.But when it comes to scientific evidence to back the health benefits of cannabis for these conditions, the jury is still out.There’s simply a need for more credible studies, according to Dr. Genester Wilson-King, an OB/GYN who’s on the board of directors for the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and the Doctors for Cannabis Regulation. 'There is no standard protocol for using cannabis, and there is very limited data for use in most conditions,' she says, which makes many physicians wary to prescribe it because of the lack of practice standards and scientific data.Though the evidence is lacking, Wilson-King believes cannabis can be a great natural option for managing pain from menstrual cramps and other female conditions. ..."Read the full article by Barbara Platts at Sweet Jane Magazine.