The Elyon Gift Guide

‘Tis the get gifts! And of course, to give gifts. Is there any better than the gift of cannabis? No, but cannabis accessories are nice too. Here is our guide to the best gifts to give the stoner in your life. Fa la la la, let’s get The Most High.

Elyon Flower

You should always give the loved ones in your life flowers. Flower is the most pure form of cannabis and an excellent gift for any level of stoner, from the newly converted to the connoisseur. Elyon offers beautiful, Sonoma-grown buds that won’t break your Christmas budget.

Rolling Papers

Every seasoned stoner knows you should always have some rolling papers on hand. Every seasoned stoner also knows that it’s easy to forget that you are out of rolling papers. When you are getting The Most High, they can run out fast! So everyone will love this gift. We recommend Backwoods or Raw, neither have any additives, allowing the pure, beautiful bud to really shine.

Soda Can Stash Jars

Have a secret stoner in your life? Give them a sneaky stash jar, a soda can for example. You can find these online but nothing says I care about you like DIY presents. Very little materials necessary, just a lot of love.

Smell Proof Bags

Even if your giftee isn’t a secret stoner, it’s always a good idea to be discreet. Revelry offers stylish yet smell-free bags in a number of sizes. From small pocket bags to full size weekend luggage, these bags are a great gift for the on-the-go enthusiast.

Smokebuddy Air Filter

Speaking of being discreet, smell proof bags are great until you actually want to pull out your stash and light up. That’s why you (or your giftee) need the Smokebuddy Air Filter. This little guy makes smoking anywhere easy and odor-free.


Antique lighters are very cool but are rarely the safest gift to give. Keep your loved one healthy (aka butane free) with an e-lighter. And what’s better than one branded with their favorite cannabis company? If your giftee prefers a water pipe, hemp wick is the way to go. Their lungs will thank you.

Antique Ashtrays

Antique lighters may be a no-go, but antique ashtrays are the perfect gift for the stylish stoner in your life. Elevate Jane has a curated collection that will thrill everyone from the girliest girl to the Mad Men-esque man in your life.

Cannabis Cookbooks

Magic brownies will always have a place in our heart but it’s time to move on. So give the chef in your life a cannabis cookbook. “Wake and Bake” (a good everyday go-to), “Bong Appetit” (for those missing the Munchies show) and “High Tea” (for the anglophile in your life) are some of our current faves.

Levo II

Looking to really splurge on something for the canna cooker in your life? Get them the Levo II. This machine makes easy-to-dose infusions in the touch of the button. With all the edibles they’ll be able to make, it’s the gift that will keep on giving.

Peak and Oura

Although we love our flower, we’re also all about that dab life. We’ve collabed with Friendly Farms and hope to have more concentrates on the way (stay tuned!). In the meantime, check out our favorite rigs: The Peak by Puffco and Oura by KandyPens.