The Elyon Spirit: Giving Back to the Community

‘Tis the season for giving. It’s the time of year when we literally give gifts to our loved ones but it's also a time of charitable giving. At Elyon, we like to pay it forward by getting everyone The Most High. But we also like to give back to our community. We are Sonoma County and we want to show our home some love, now and year round.

Sonoma Strong

2020 was...rough. You know that. You probably needed a little bit of cannabis to get through it. We certainly did. But it was also a year of resilience and community-building. In Sonoma County, fire season once again devastated parts of our region on top of a year already filled with hardships. It wasn’t easy but we made it through. Thankfully. We’ll continue to show our gratitude by giving back.

A River Runs Through It

Sonoma County is a diverse place and we wanted our giving to reflect that. Of course, we chose causes and organizations that we hold near and dear, particularly education and the environment. Our home farm lies in the Russian River Valley so we worked with the Clean River Alliance by adopting the Geyserville Bridge for a month and did weekly trash cleanup. In a year of endless pivoting we wanted our friends and families to have some normalcy so we donated money so high school students could still celebrate graduation (albeit via signs in their windows). We volunteered with the Redwood Food Bank, did a school supply drive and helped create garden boxes for the homeless. Of course, we also worked within the cannabis community on the Sonoma County Cannabis Appellations Forum and with Elevate Sonoma County Cannabis & Cultivators. It was far from a perfect year, but we like to think we made it just a tiny bit better (through cannabis and beyond)!

Holiday Hugs and Kisses

We’re also just grateful to be able to give. It wasn’t that many moons ago that cannabis businesses couldn’t...not openly at least. We want to continue to shed the stigma that cannabis is bad and hope that the Sonoma County community continues to embrace us. We’ll certainly continue to embrace Sonoma County. Happy Holidays, everyone. We hope you had a wonderful time celebrating and hope you can look back on some part of the year worth celebrating. We’ll continue to give the gift that keeps on giving...cannabis.