Thrillist - The Best Stoner Movies on Netflix

"These are the chillest, funniest movies to stream when you're stoned as hell.Netflix may not have expanded its original offerings to the point of including "Stoner Movies" as a genre, but surely it's only a matter of time, given the way people watch Netflix, sewn into their couches. When they do, the movies below are what you should fire up when you're out of Planet Earth episodes. Grab some munchies and enjoy.Game Over, Man! (2018)The Workaholics trio, Black Anderson, Adam Devine, and Anders Holm, followed the well-trodden path of comedy stars before them by making an action-comedy, this one specifically for their audience. The lovable bros are housekeepers at a fancy hotel where criminals have taken hostages, including Shaggy, at an influencer/celebrity party and they, of course, are the only ones who can save the day. Yeah… there's not a whole lot that makes this ridiculous movie distinguished from its predecessors aside from the dudes' distinct chemistry, but there's enough Die Hard-inspired action and explosions coming at full force to keep the "woah, dude!" reactions coming.Good Burger (1997)Welcome to Netflix, home of Good Burger, which you should watch in short order. Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell spun off a popular sketch from Nickelodeon's All That to make this rowdy comedy about teens who spend the summer working at their friendly neighborhood fast-food stand and the Nick slime-worthy gaffes that result from a foul burger-chain rivalry. With cameos from Shaq and Sinbad, French fry gags, and a brawl over an insanely tasty secret sauce, you'll be snort-laughing milkshake out your nose in the first 10 minutes. ..."See the full list at Thrillist.