WeedWeek - 321,000 Americans work in cannabis

"More than 320,000 Americans work in cannabis, according to a new report from Leafly and Whitney Economics. As the pandemic devastated entire sectors of the economy last year, the legal cannabis sector added 77,300 jobs, more than twice as many as it added in 2019.The country has more than twice as many cannabis workers as dentists. The job growth, which includes plant-touching and ancillary companies, is all the more remarkable since only about a dozen states account for close to 90% of legal U.S. cannabis sales.The jobs growth comes as covid-induced stress and boredom contributed to 2020’s 71% retail sales jump to $18.3B. Across consumer demographics, average monthly cannabis spending shot up in March, when covid-related lockdowns began and have largely held steady since.Since 2017, the industry has averaged 27.5% annual job growth, which the report says is far more than any other U.S. industry. The remarkable jobs boom comes amid a pandemic which has forced businesses in many industries, including cannabis, to overhaul their operations and disrupt their hiring practices. ..."Read the full article by Alex Halperin at WeedWeek.