WeedWeek - Legalization “Might really be here”

"With Democrats set to control both houses of Congress, the cannabis world is giddy at the prospect of federal reform. But even with strong support from Democrats, and a smattering of Republicans, huge questions remain about what, if anything, will be accomplished in the legislatively.The first and most important question involves what’s possible. Is federal legalization on the table as some advocates say? Or will they and their Congressional allies settle for more modest measures such as banking access for the industry or the end of hated tax rule 280E?The clock is ticking. Democrats hold thin majorities in both chambers and Presidents typically lose ground in Congress during their mid-term elections. This gives supporters two years to make something happen through the notoriously fickle and unpredictable lawmaking process. ..."Read the full article by Alex Halperin at WeedWeek.